Who is this man?

Dude, Myth or a mega designer?

Hey I am Paul, born and raised in Berlin, Germany. 33 Years old, 1 lovely child, 1 wonderful wife and 2 Bikes… I spend my days with designing and developing web sites, WordPress plugins and WordPress custom themes, for more than 10 years now. I am working for all size of companies, from small local businesses right up to huge international brands.

For more than 8 years I also write on several Blogs, have been corporations with Mammut Clothing, RedBull Media House and depends on current projects with several brands or shops. I combined my main business with my passion I do for a very long time – more than 20 years – riding bikes, riding races and lastly being a inherent part in the German bike scene.

That’s why I visit bike shows, bike fairs and bike races often. Talking and learning from people, getting feedback for work I done and in the opposite creating ideas with riders, brands and sponsors for better targetting and success in the world wide web – means developing new strategies for social media / newsletter marketing, print marketing as well as web design.

In Short: I am not only a web developer, “coder”, nerd or something like this, my job is very diverse and now it is in your hands to decide, who am I – a dude, a myth or your next partner for exciting projects.

Feel free to contact me. Tell me your story, ideas and secrets. I’m looking forward…