Only 30 Days left…

Wow, time is running.
Now, there are only 30 days and the RadRace Fixed42 WorldChamps take place. I am a bit confused, cause I am not in shape right now, thought the race is so far away. I handled my training in a complete wrong way and the results are clear for now- actually I am not able to ride 42km on such a high level… Last Weekend the Waterkant Crit took place, I was not there, but I saw videos as well read some blog post. The level, the average speed was impressive high, therefore I know the riders are on fire, I am not on fire, I feel like a couch potato…

Last year, I was fine, trained on a good way, but one week before the race, I hurt myself and had a muscle fiber crack – I hope it is the right word for it – while we trained some intervals and sprints.
You can read here, as it felt to ride a Fixed42 WorldChamps with an injury and what I was thinking days and hours before. ( German Article ).

Hmm, what I should do? Accept my “Couch-ness” or do more? I think I should do more, constantly. My year startet so well, so I should do more and more… The Season is on it’s highest “Full swing” and I am sitting here and try to think about my fitness level. Holy, that is wrong, that is terrible.
Thinking about fitness and training is something you have to do in the off-season, in winter, when plans for the upcoming season should be written, but not yet.

…stand up, dude!!!

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